Exhibition & Conference

February 27 - 2020

OPRA Turbines at Nitrogen & Syngas

From 17-19 February 2020, OPRA attended the CRU’s Nitrogen & Syngas Conference in the Hague, The Netherlands. The conference attracts more than 700 industry’s leading professionals with a technical expertise and operational experience. The 3-day agenda covers such topics as ammonia, urea, methanol, syngas, nitrates, GTL and industrial gases. The conference showcased all the new technological advancement happening in the ammonia plants with speakers from around the world.

Luke Merson and Anshuman Pandey, OPRA Segment Managers, attended from the OPRA team. The Nitrogen and Syngas show is a great platform for OPRA to present the OP16 Gas Turbine technology and its application in ammonia plants among key stakeholders in the industry.