Our Strategy

To fulfill our vision of being the leading provider of clean gas turbines for distributed energy solutions, Destinus Energy innovation aims at creating products and services with a strong competitive advantage by listening to the market needs.

Research Cooperation and Partnership

At Destinus Energy we know that great results come through collaboration. We are actively participating in national and international research programs. The research is often done together with leading universities and research institutes. We are continuously scouting for new technologies and are always interested to get in contact with individuals and organizations with innovative ideas. Contact us if you have an interesting idea or research topic.

Core competencies

Innovation and technology advancement is the key to meeting current and future demands in the ever-changing energy landscape. At Destinus Energy we have a passionate team of R&D engineers with specialist knowledge in gas turbine technology and related systems. The team combines expertise in areas such as combustion, aerothermal, stress analysis, design, system integration and controls.

Focus Areas

Combustion Technology

At Destinus Energy there is a strong focus on combustion technology. We believe that the fast-changing energy landscape, with new regulations and environmental considerations, needs innovative and flexible solutions. This has led to the trend of small-scale, decentralized power generation with a growing interest in utilizing fuels that are locally available, such as waste gas, associated gas, syngas, biogas, biodiesel, bioethanol and pyrolysis oil. Furthermore, Hydrogen will play an important role in the energy transition. Therefore, Destinus Energy is investing in the development of combustion systems that can efficiently burn hydrogen. To develop innovative combustion technologies Destinus Energy possesses a state-of-the-art combustion test rig. The experimental rig includes a gas mixing station that can mimic virtually any type of gaseous fuel while the key combustion parameters are measured. Together with advanced numerical methods, we have created an R&D environment that drives our innovation and will result in future low-emission and fuel-flexible combustion systems.

Hybrid Energy Systems

The concept for hybrid energy systems revolves around minimizing the use of fossil fuels and the carbon footprint while ensuring high availability and flexibility. Hybrid energy systems combine multiple energy sources and can include energy storage systems. Committed to a sustainable future, Destinus Energy innovates and develops advanced hybrid systems, such as the Hybrid Solar Gas Turbine (HGST) cycle. Destinus Energy has developed this advanced cycle within a joint European research program. The solar field contains more than 100 mirrors and it can generate sufficient energy to run the turbine purely on solar energy. During periods of low or no sunlight the gas turbine can be operated on conventional fuel, thus ensuring a high availability.


Advancement in technology has made it possible to obtain, store, and transmit huge volumes of data, faster and cheaper than ever before. At Destinus Energy, we realize the immense value that big data can add to the operations for our customers if utilized efficiently. That is why we have developed a remote condition monitoring system, which contains a powerful data analysis tool that converts the bulk data into meaningful information in real-time. Using advanced algorithms and data-processing techniques the system predicts the state of health of the machine; thereby helping our customers to minimize their life-cycle costs.  In addition, big data management and analysis helps us to further optimize our products.

Additive Manufacturing

The disruptive technology of additive manufacturing, with almost limitless possibilities, is one of the focus areas for Destinus Energy. Complex geometries within solid parts, which are impossible to produce with conventional machining, can now be used to achieve higher performance and efficiency. There is a need for innovative designs to stay competitive in the current market where efficiency limits are pushed further. Destinus Energy is developing design methodologies, applications, and validation criteria to use this technology in our products. Highly complex parts can be designed, tested and validated in-house. We look forward to implementing this new and exciting technology to improve component efficiencies even further.