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Extending the life cycle of an existing energy solution by replacing a KG2 gas turbine

Offshore Oil, Gas Production

An oil and natural gas corporation required on platform power generation. They had existing KG2 gas turbines installed on the platform and wanted to find an alternative to their existing installation that provided additional power output along with higher electrical efficiency. To ensure the installation and commissioning phase would not be disruptive or costly, they needed to find equipment that could use the existing footprint of the KG2 gas turbines that were installed.

Why replace existing KG2 turbines with Destinus Energy equipment?

By choosing to install an OPRA OP16 gas turbine they ensured high availability of their installation with up to 99% guaranteed and an extra 10 efficiency points over the previously installed gas turbines. The robust, all radial design of the OPRA OP16 along with its advanced combustion technology ensure the latest state of the art technology with an integrated remote monitoring system. Remote monitoring allows for predictive rather than reactive maintenance. This system helps to prevent downtime and ensures that Destinus Energy equipment is performing at its maximum potential which can satisfy a 24/7 production line.

Significant savings through replacement of a KG2 gas turbine

Electricity and Direct Drying

SINIAT produces gypsum board. For this process a continuous supply of 5.8 MWth heat and 1.8 MW electrical power is required. Based in North Holland, SINIAT had a KG2 turbine in operation. However, this old turbine technology was no longer able to deliver the utilities needed for their operations. SINIAT were looking for replacement equipment that provided higher electrical efficiency along with high temperature heat. In order to avoid downtime to their current operations they had a time frame of just two weeks to replace the existing KG2 gas turbine.

Why choose to buy and install an OP16 Gas Turbine if you already have a KG2 gas turbine?

The main drivers for SINIAT to change their existing KG2 turbine were power demand and electrical efficiency. The KG2 turbine was producing 1.1MWe with a low electrical efficiency of only 14%. This performance no longer sustained SINIATs growing production demands. The all radial OPRA OP16-3A Gas Turbine has an electrical output of 1.8MWe and an electrical efficiency of 26% with an overall total plant efficiency of 88%. By choosing to replace the KG2 gas turbine with an OPRA OP16 gas turbine, SINIAT were able to significantly reduce energy costs by 28% with an overall saving of >€600k per year when compared to the original installation. Destinus Energy equipment is small and compact allowing for quick installation into the existing footprint of the KG2 machine. The installation and commissioning phase was completed within the required time frame ensuring no delays to the production process.

OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine: Repowering Solutions For Existing Gas Turbine Equipment

Efficient Turbine Equipment

Do you have a gas turbine that is due an overhaul or system upgrade?

Better efficiency with higher power

Incorporating an OPRA OP16 gas turbine into an already existing plant ultimately satisfies the customer’s continuous need for a reliable source of power and heat. The OP16 package although small in size, is big in power. Thanks to its advanced technology and sophisticated engineering design customers can expect a high overall plant efficiency. The OPRA OP16 generates up to 50% higher power on an existing footprint than older generation turbine models such as the KG2 and Saturn 20, and has an extra 10 efficiency points.

Global customer service

It is important to ensure that equipment reaches its full potential by keeping it maintained. The advanced and robust design of OP16’s turbine package results in high reliability and availability of up to >99%. The turbine is equipped to run for 40,000 operating hours before a major overhaul is required. A remote conditioning and monitoring system allows Destinus Energy to deliver a unique and flexible support offering, ensuring customers to continually maximize their plants potential. Setting the standard in terms of availability, reliability and low maintenance costs, OPRA OP16 Gas Turbines allow for very cost-effective ‘always-on’ generation of electricity and heat.

Overall less cost compared to upgrading old equipment

The OP16 package can be adjusted and tailored to fit an existing installation. Standardized yet flexible, the package is adaptable to suit all conditions and environments and can be modified to suit a particular location or environment. Existing combustion and ventilation air systems as well as exhaust systems can be reused. The flexibility of the Destinus Energy equipment results in minimal changes required to your existing layout and process. This in turn ensures no extra capital expenses are required for the installation of Destinus Energy equipment. Comparing the costs of adding new system upgrades to old equipment are less to that of installing new state of the art Destinus Energy equipment.

State of the art controls

To guarantee the successful life of the OPRA OP16 turbine it is fitted with a state-of-the-art controls system. The control room can be provided to suit customer’s needs; inside, attached to, or external to the turbine package. Destinus Energy equipment is designed to remain in service for many years. To ensure customers are always equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, Destinus Energy provides equipment upgrades and replacement parts as part of our standard long term service agreements (LTSA’s). By incorporating advanced software technology to the OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine active fleet worldwide, Destinus Energy focuses on predictive maintenance rather than reactive and preventive maintenance. By integrating a remote condition monitoring system to the gas turbine package, the Destinus Energy service team can monitor equipment from its headquarters and predict maintenance before it is required allowing for a unique and flexible support offering ensuring customers continually maximize their plants potential.

Extending The Life Cycle Of Your Existing Energy Solution

Re-power Your Plant

Do you have old gas turbine equipment that no longer delivers results for your power plant?

Extend the Life Of your plant

Re-powering your plant with the addition of a new machine can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of your power plant. As the OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine provides increased efficiency compared to older gas turbine models, great savings on OPEX (operating expenses) and CAPEX (capital expenses) are achieved. Why spend valuable capital on old machinery that does not incorporate modern and advanced technology when the same capital can be used to introduce a state of the art machine to your exiting set up.

Repower CHP plant

The innovative design and combustion technology of the OPRA OP16 results in a high heat-to-power ratio. This allows for the generation of a high exhaust temperature to reach maximum recoverable thermal energy. As all bearings are located in the cold section of the turbine, this overhung design ensures an oil-free exhaust flow. With an oxygen rich exhaust of around 15%, the OPRA OP16 can produce around 6.2 Ton/h of saturated steam or 20 Ton/h using supplementary firing. This makes it possible to utilize the exhaust heat & energy within many different applications including: steam, hot water, chilled water or direct drying.

Modernize and Maximize advantage

Advancements in technology have allowed Destinus Energy to design technology that can maximize advantage for their customer. Old turbine equipment can lead to lower performance, plant efficiency, reliability and safety. It is important to ensure you have fit for purpose equipment that is providing the utilities you need. Adding a state of the art OPRA OP16 to an existing process will allow for maximized advantage, bringing the best emissions technology and package design to ensure a renewed life for your plant.

Footprint 1 on 1

The high-power density of the OPRA OP16 all-radial turbine allows for a compact and small design. This small footprint and low weight are reflected in the package design of two 20 ft X 8 ft containers, allowing for quick and easy installation. Destinus Energy can install new equipment within the footprint of an existing gas turbine power generator package ensuring minimal impact and disruption. As sites and requirements vary it is also possible for tailored packages to be designed to suit a specific site need.

Destinus Energy As A Long Term Service Partner

State Of The Art Emission Technology

Having trouble meeting the latest emissions legislation with your current turbine equipment?

State of the art emission technology

Destinus Energy has the solution for small power and CHP plants to bring them up to meet with the newest emissions legislations. With our unique combustion technology, the OPRA OP16 gas turbine can meet your local requirements while utilizing a wide range of locally available gases and liquids. We have a variety of combustors to suit different quality of fuel from a conventional diffusion combustor, to a dry low NOx combustor to a low calorific fuel combustor.

Keep in line with legislation

With an ever-changing energy landscape there is a focus on producing clean, emission free power. New regulations and environmental considerations mean it is more important to choose an advanced technology. The combustion technology of the OPRA OP16 turbine addresses the challenging emissions requirement of local and international legislation for the present. We are convinced that Destinus Energy gas turbine systems will continue to be a structural component of tomorrow’s green energy landscape and drive the world’s energy transition!

Latest NOx combustion system

The OPRA OP16-3B gas turbine has four dry low NOx combustor cans for uniform heat distribution. This combustion system has proven capability of burning a wide range of fuels and liquids, handling gaseous fuels between 30-52 MJ/kg and liquid fuels between 41-43 MJ/kg. A dual fuel feature makes it possible to switch fuels under load. Emissions technology meets the latest legislation of < 30 mg/Nm3 NOx and CO making Destinus Energy equipment the only equipment currently running on dry low emission burners. Older equipment such as KG2 and Saturn 20 machines cannot be upgraded to meet with legislation.

Destinus Energy advanced turbine technology serves global markets with clean, distributed energy solutions. Among the combustor types available is the OPRA OP16-3B dry low NOx combustor. This combustor is capable of handling gaseous fuels between 30-52 MJ/kg and liquid fuels between 41-43 MJ/kg. Dual fuel operation is also possible allowing for diesel to be used as a backup fuel if required. To ensure Destinus Energy equipment continually matches current and future energy requirements and legislations the R&D focus on developing innovative and future proof low-emission and fuel-flexible combustion systems. Using a state of the art combustion test rig located in Hengelo headquarters we the ability to test a wide range of gas and liquid fuels


What people ask the most

The OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine can be installed as an alternative to a Dresser-Rand KG2 (Siemens, Kongsberg) or a Solar Turbines Saturn 20. With a 1 on 1 footprint Destinus Energy can ensure minimal downtime and expense.

Yes, Destinus Energy can supply a retrofit solution to install the OP16 package on your existing plinth, utilizing as much of your existing installation as economically viable. OPRA’s OP16 Gas Turbine is designed for plug and play installation and is fully string tested at our headquarter facility before delivery.

As demonstrated in the past we can remove and replace existing equipment in weeks not months. Destinus Energy conducts a full package test before dispatch of the generator set to allow for a seamless installation and commissioning process.

We can offer tailored service packages to suit your specific business needs. Service packages include an availability guarantee, scheduled and unscheduled service, supported by service personnel worldwide. Destinus Energy focus on providing 24/7 predictive and preventative service support. To avoid downtime we carry a significant amount of spare parts and spare core engines. At Destinus Energy, we pride ourselves at being fast to respond and staying close to our customers.

With older equipment the investment costs to continue running can become significant with expensive overhauls and upgrades to meet the latest legislation on emissions and controls. Destinus Energy has a team of application engineers that can look at your specific installation and assist with demonstrating a competitive alternative, please challenge us!

Having state-of-the-art equipment gives you the capability of achieving better efficiency and high power than what your current equipment provides. Speak with Destinus Energy application team to understand how and where the OPRA OP16 can provide better results for both your process and finances.

Availability, reliability and maintenance intervals. At Destinus Energy we take pride in our global customer service. Recognizing the value of moving our maintenance strategy from reactive and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance we have designed and integrated a remote condition monitoring system to our gas turbine fleet active worldwide. This enables our service team to monitor and service our equipment more effectively in turn giving customers higher availability and reliability. Destinus Energy equipment can operate for 40000 hours before a major overhaul is required.

Let us offer you an alternative to your next overhaul, controls upgrade and combustion upgrade. The price of an overhaul and upgrade of combustion to DLE can be excessive and cause you to question the viability of continuing to run your existing plant. Destinus Energy hopes to offer you a fresh alternative to meeting your future business demands while minimizing capital investment in obsolete equipment.

Adding a control system upgrade to old equipment can quickly become very expensive. Along with other required upgrades and overhaul that will be needed to ensure good health of your equipment it often is more feasible to look at alternative opportunities. Destinus Energy is offering a competitively priced, equipment replacement causing little to no impact to your existing plant, with state of the art control systems that has the ability to predict maintenance allows our service team to support the OPRA OP16 worldwide fleet.

Destinus Energy advanced turbine design with state-of-the-art combustion technology can help to repower your plant. Our unique combustion technology allows the OPRA OP16 to handle a wide range of dirty fuels and liquids without the need for fuel cleaning. Global customer service with remote condition monitoring ensures minimum downtime and maximum performance results from your equipment.

Although possible to add modern systems to an existing machine it often is more beneficial and less costly to replace old equipment with new state of the art equipment. Destinus Energy application experts will support in highlighting the areas of production improvement by implementing our equipment.

Destinus Energy has the solution for you. We can easily replace existing turbine equipment with a state of the art OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine generator package unit. Even if you have a larger machine, Destinus Energy can demonstrate the benefits of multiple machines within the modern grid where flexibility and efficiency is key and can customize our solution to meet your future power needs.

By implementing high quality sophisticated equipment, you can ensure your equipment meets the present and future emission legislation. As a society we are facing an energy trilemma: how to balance between energy security, social impact and environmental sensitivity. The world demands for an easy, accessible reliable sources of power. OPRA’s OP16 gas turbine systems continue to be a structural component of tomorrow’s green energy landscape and drive the world’s energy transition!

At Destinus Energy, we recognize the value of moving our maintenance strategy from reactive and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Using advanced algorithms and data-processing techniques, we have designed and integrated a remote condition monitoring tystem to our OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine fleet active worldwide. This allows for our service team to predict when preventative maintenance should occur to avoid any downtime, ensuring customers equipment reaches maximum potential. In addition to this the advanced combustion technology of the OPRA OP16-3B combustor ensures your equipment not only meets todays strict emission legislation but is also future proof. We have a strong R&D focus on combustion technology. To develop innovative combustion technologies Destinus Energy use a state-of-the-art combustion test rig located in headquarter facility, Hengelo. As hydrogen will play an important role in the energy transition Destinus Energy has started to invest in the development of combustion systems that can efficiently burn hydrogen.