Success Story

Significant savings through optimized heat & power generation

Customer: Cartiera San Lorenzo

The pulp, paper and tissue paper industry is very energy-intensive. High-temperature heat is needed for steam generation and drying. In this project, the tissue paper factory presented Destinus Energy with the challenge of saving energy and reducing production costs. The aim was to produce electricity and recover heat from the OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine which could then be used to produce saturated steam along with hot air for the tissue paper production process.

Today, the OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine is providing heat and power to the tissue mill. The introduction of the gas turbine into the production process, also allowed to optimize the operation of the Yankee Hood drier, increasing the daily production of the mill. The paper mill owner is currently able to earn back the investment rapidly and obtain huge benefits after the first year.

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