Company News

November 23 - 2023

Destinus Energy Joined the ReBuild Ukraine Conference 2023: Energy Support and Innovation

Destinus Energy was invited by RVO and Osst NL to participate in the ReBuild Ukraine conference held last week in Warsaw. The event served as a platform for global participants to unite, deliberate, and strategize on ways to help recover Ukraine, its infostructure and energy sector. 

Destinus Energy team attended the event to gain insights into the current situation in Ukraine, identify the country’s needs, and explore how our power generation solutions at Destinus can contribute to Ukraine’s future.

During the event, the Destinus team engaged with key stakeholders, including representatives from the Ukrainian and Dutch governments, and the Dutch embassy in Kiev. These discussions were instrumental in envisioning potential projects aimed at accelerating Ukraine’s recovery and supporting local, decentralized power generation.As discussions continue, Destinus Energy remains committed to exploring projects that align with Ukraine’s recovery needs, leveraging innovative power generation solutions to meaningfully contribute to the country’s rebuilding efforts. We believe that Destinus’ small footprint OP16 gas turbines can play a pivotal role in rebuilding the energy sector in Ukraine.