Destinus OP16 Packages - Optimized Performances, Reliability, and Extended Lifecycle.

The OPRA OP16 gas turbines are integrated into a complete range of standard packages, developed to ensure optimized performances, reliability, and extended lifecycle.

For any application, the OP16 packages provide the right solution adapted to your project needs and local requirements.

Different types of enclosures are available based on the installation: stationary or temporary installation, onshore, offshore, and marine.

The multiple configurations of auxiliary systems are pre-engineered and cover a wide range of applications.

Each package is designed and built following the highest quality standards and is optimized to ease maintenance operations.


  • Configurable modular Package
  • 20 ft integrated standard package
  • Quick installation and commissioning
  • Standard pre-engineered options
  • Extreme arctic configuration available (-60 ˚C)
  • Extreme desert or tropical configuration available (+50 ˚C)


  • Customized OP16 package for offshore applications
  • The footprint of a 20” container
  • Modular air inlet & outlet to adapt to the platform configuration
  • External skid mounted on 3 points
  • Stainless steel enclosure available
  • DNV Offshore certification


  • Specific design for installation on vessel deck
  • Specific enclosure
  • Dedicated auxiliary systems for Marine conditions
  • Available for SVOC and LVOC applications
  • Optional explosion hatches available
  • DNV Marine certification


  • Plug and play solution
  • All systems integrated on a road-certified trailer
  • Integrated control & MCC
  • Integrated exhaust
  • Remote control via 3G/4G


  • For any specific requirement or non-standard installation, our engineering can provide tailor-made solutions, based on our standard sub-modules and our extended experience in the integration, installation and operation of gas turbines.

The OPRA OP16 Gas Turbine packages create value in your application!

Using extended energy expertise, we help you to optimize your production of power and heat by effectively using all energy sources available.

The OPRA OP16 Gas Turbines are highly efficient and yet simple solutions which can be adapted to suit the needs of your business. Each solution is designed to ensure maximum fuel flexibility and low emissions allowing us to lead the world’s energy transition with clean and sustainable energy.